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22.10.2020 | Gropius Bau

Eating the Other. Desire and Resistance

Focus tour

Inspired by bell hooks’s text Eating the Other. Desire and Resistance, we invite you to participate in an open dialogue tour at the 11th Berlin Biennale. For bell hooks, these “nasty unconscious fantasies” are imaginations of white dominance disguised as harmless desires. During our dialogue tour, we attempt to approach the Biennale’s artistic positions with a decolonial view, thereby exposing Western covetousness. We invite visitors to enter into a dialogue with us on colonialism, racism, and sexism and to uncover blind spots together.

The text is not a prerequisite for the dialogue, it is an inspiration. We understand this dialogue tour as a multi-perspective exchange and invite everyone who wants to sensitively deal with the topics.

Mediators: Samira Ghoualmia is a writer, visual artist, and art mediator who focuses her work on questions of identity and post-coloniality. She is part of the 11th Berlin Biennale’s mediation team. Jeanne-Ange Megouem Wagne is a German-Cameroonian prospective (art)historian and creative based in Berlin. She was invited by Samira Ghoualmia for this tour.