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8.2.2020 | 11th Berlin Biennale c/o ExRotaprint

exp. 2: Sacral Bones

Activation by Virginia de Medeiros

In collaboration with DJ and MC Pêdra Costa and performers Marie Monteiro and Bárbara Richter

Our body is a map of energy routes. The sacral bone, also known as holy bone, is a great force pulling Jing—the bio-electro magnetism studied by Chinese medicine for millennia—from the earth. This energy, coming from the earth and flowing through the sacral holes, can multiply our life energy. In Taoist formulas for longevity and health, wise men call the holes in the sides of the sacral bone “the eight holes of the immortals.” Opening the sacrum, letting go, relaxing, and keeping the vertebrae of the spine, through which all nerves run, flexible, releases healing powers. Illnesses are transitional states. When energy flows, the self-regulating system of our energized body can heal them. Regular exercises that slowly turn the hips in a circular motion—such as hula-hooping, rolling in a circle, or funk dancing—help loosen the sacrum and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This can cure many conditions and pains, especially those of the spine and lower abdomen, including sexual disorders, inflammation, and indispositions caused by the lack of circulation of vital earth energy. Come, move your hips with us!