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24.10.2019 | 11th Berlin Biennale c/o ExRotaprint

exp. 1: Resonanzräume der unsichtbaren Stadt – eine Lecture Performance [Resonance chambers of the invisible city – a lecture performance]

Die Remise – activation by Kotti-Shop (Julia Brunner and Stefan Endewardt)

Within the first project phase of die Remise, Die Tardis was created, a spatio-temporal journey through the history of urban space around the Nürtingen elementary school in Berlin-Kreuzberg and its surrounding spatial-social structure. In the workshops, the pupils not only explored history and neighborhood, but also translated them into virtual reality using artistic methods and formats—into something that can be physically accessed, seen, heard, and experienced.

In the performative lecture Resonanzräume der unsichtbaren Stadt [Resonance chambers of the invisible city], the two artists Stefan Endewardt and Julia Brunner reflect on the strategies behind the artistically participative project Die Tardis and their attitude towards processes of artistic design and empowerment in urban spaces. Their work for the art and project space Kotti-Shop and the art laboratory SuperFuture is also significant here.