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10.9.2016 | Akademie der Künste (Pariser Platz), Berlin

Explorations on Presence: Yoga and Performance (and vice versa)

Two-day workshop with Itziar Okariz and Pascale Wettstein

This workshop is proposed as a exploration on yoga and performance and their specificity in relation to the boundaries that define them, paying particular attention to the meeting points between them; mainly the practice of presence. The workshop will focus on practical exercises, working through a practice of basic yoga that will lead us to the awareness of the body as a sign, the positional value of language and its performative dimension. It will also allow us to study the incarnation of movement, sounds, words, and its transformative potential in the relationship with the audience. The starting exercises will be shaped from open performances of the artist, still in process.

“… Words … only to some extent disembodied accidents of the living body … Words, English words, are full of echoes, associations … A word is not a unique and sacred entity, is part of other words, in fact is not a word until it is not part of a phrase …”

Fragments of a conference of Virginia Woolf, Craftsmanship, 1927.