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15.5.2008 | Spiegelsaal, Clärchens Ballhaus, Berlin

A Night of Psicomagia

Performance with Danai Anesiadou

A Master, an Apprentice, an Initiation and some shiny, metallic invisible helpers. I once read about a female artist who was tormented by the seemingly paradoxical desires of making art and making money: "Money is male. Money is phallic," Alejandro Jodorowsky told her, "You need to discover your kind of money. The good money is creativity." The Chilean filmmaker and Tarot card reader Jodorowsky recommended that the woman insert "seven pieces of gold" into her vagina while painting. I hope I will not have to show my vagina on May 15, 2008.

My name is Danai Anesiadou. Before the night of my performance, I will have made several failed attempts and have finally, successfully, met the Great Master, Alejandro Jodorowsky. During one of his weekly Tarot sessions, in which a select few can come to him with a question, I’ll ask: "WHAT ABOUT ME AND ART?" In response, he will give me a task and this will be the seed for a psychomagical ritual performed by me, you—the public—, and either the spirit or the flesh of Jodorowsky (if he accepts my invitation to attend).