Carla Zaccagnini

* 1973

8. Berlin Biennale

Carla Zaccagnini in collaboration with Theodor Köhler, Ayara Hernández Holz & Felix Marchand

Le Quintuor des Nègres, encore, 2014
Various editions of
Paul und Virginie (ca. 1882)
Paul and Virginia (ca. 1882)
Paul et Virginie (1892)
Pablo y Virginia (1894)
Paulo e Virginia (1898)
Paul en Virginia (ca. 1900)

Carbon copy of Johann Nepomuk Hummel’s Op. 41 Quintuor des Nègres (1809), Collection Complete des oeuvres de Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Farrenc: Paris, 1825

Audio record of the instrumentalization of Quintuor des Nègres, written by Theodor Köhler, played on period instruments by the Aulos-Streichquartett Berlin

Audio record of dance performance choreographed by Ayara Hernández Holz & Felix Marchand, performed by Felix Marchand at Haus am Waldsee, Berlin

Courtesy Carla Zaccagnini; Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo