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11.7.2022 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art

The Artist of Color

Focus Tour

With Heiko-Thandeka Ncube and Rebecca Pokua Korang

It’s been a minute since the artist of color has started shining on a global stage. While some non-white artists exhibiting at the 12th Berlin Biennale grew up in colonies, others were teenagers while Barack Obama was president. We have transitioned from colonial to postcolonial, from archaic racism to critical race theory and in this very moment a new era is dawning upon us: climate, disease, digitalization, the vast majority of the world’s wealth lying in the tight grip of late capitalism, and the ruthless rise of fascism. The oppressed subject is clouded with layers of contradictions. The political field of the arts is flooded with discourse. How does one navigate between the fading legacy of Indigenous practices, the intersections of oppression, and the promise of documentary and forensic investigation?

Heiko-Thandeka Ncube is a writer and an artist whose work unfolds along the intersections of subculture, migration, political oppression, and his German-Zimbabwean descent. After studying art history and philosophy at the Free University Berlin, Ncube is now studying fine arts at the University of Art Berlin in the class of Hito Steyerl.

Rebecca Pokua Korang is an emerging Afro-German artist from Berlin. With strong interest in performance art and site-specific work, she explores different approaches to choreography. Rebecca Korang studied BA Dance at Kingston University, when she, together with Pinelopi Kefou, established a two-women dance theatre called A BLOOMING MESS, aiming to create more collaborative work.

Focus Tours invite you to explore inside and outside the exhibition space and sharpen your seeing, listening, and thinking, based on specific themes. Focus Tours are a mix between public tour and workshop. They are free of charge and are organized by the Berlin Biennale educational team.