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5.7.2022 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Healing through Writing – Writing about Discrimination

Focus Tour

With Thi Minh Huyen Nguyen and Limo

Who am I with my experiences of discrimination, and how can I defend myself against discrimination without feeling emotionally exhausted?

In this writing-based focus tour, we want to take time to write about our experiences of discrimination and how they have shaped us. In addition, we would like to look together at various strategies in discriminatory situations to find out which work best for our individual situations. We will try to answer these questions through writing exercises, voluntary dialogue rounds, and political education methods.

The focus tour is aimed at people who experience racism. Writing experience is not necessary.

Nguyen, Thi Minh Huyen (she/her) is a writer and artist-scholar. Through her work in writing, design, and running, Huyen is focused on empowering underrepresented communities. She is part of the art education team of the 12th Berlin Biennale.

Limo is from Hamburg and works as a spoken word artist, trained diversity trainer, and aspiring writing therapist. Through her writing, she tries to understand her subconscious thoughts and address social injustices.

Focus Tours invite you to explore inside and outside the exhibition space and sharpen your seeing, listening, and thinking, based on specific themes. Focus Tours are a mix between public tour and workshop. They are free of charge and are organized by the Berlin Biennale educational team.