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12.10.2020 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art

The Reversed Audio-Guide

Focus tour

Audio guides are used within exhibitions to provide supplementary information on art contributing to the experience. During this tour, an “audio guide” becomes the focal and starting point for a shared experience. Omitting visual perceptions of art, we discuss the artworks based on sound recordings of an imaginary walk through the exhibition. Like a sound walking tour, where we explore the scenery with our ears, we work with the aural artifacts of the art to create a new perceptive experience based on what we hear, and how we share it within a group. The tour aims to question how we can become earwitnessess during a gallery visit, and create meaning. And if there is no meaning, what can we learn from the silence?

Mediator: Joshua Weitzel is a musician, curator and sound art researcher, and part of the 11th Berlin Biennale mediation team.