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2.10.2020 | Glaskiste c/o ExRotaprint

Breathing Bodies of Water. Ecofeminism, hydrofeminism and the struggle of being with the land


The ongoing destruction of the environment, the relentless depletion of its resources for the profit of a few is not the doing of all humanity. The consumption of the earth is an elemental part of patriarchal capitalism and its extractive corporations. Those disproportionately affected by the depletion of the planet are the same people who, for centuries, have cared for and protected the land: indigenous communities, women, and people of color. Even those that have already been displaced for generations, those living in ecological disconnect, who no longer have the possibility of being with the land. A being-with which has protected the earth for centuries. Today any attempt to “be with” the land, to defend the waters that give it life, can be lethal, as is made clear with the disproportionately high death rate of those engaged in land struggles. The second gathering brings together diverse artistic positions of feminist solidarity, aware that there is no ecological justice without social and racial justice. Connected by oceans and rivers, these positions bring forth intersectional breathing bodies of water and thought.

Presentations by Aline Baiana, Paula Baeza Pailamilla, and FCNN – Feminist Collective With No Name (Dina El Kaisy Friemuth/Anita Beikpour) with Neda Sanai. Moderated by María Berríos.