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17.9.2020 | ExRotaprint Kantine

Acts of Listening. Illness, crisis, and the labor of care

Prerecorded presentations

Prerecorded presentations by La rara troupe, Radio Estación Locura (excerpt of an upcoming episode of Hospital Prison University Radio with Radio Estación Locura founder Ernesto Bouey and artist Grace Weinrib) and Óscar Fernando Morales Martínez followed by a conversation with the Feminist Health Care Research Group (Inga Zimprich/Julia Bonn), who will present their zine Being in Crisis Together. Moderated by María Berríos.

In a moment when social bodies all over the planet are breaking down, the Covid-19 crisis has made clear that healthcare is, and has always been, political. It has revealed the ableist privilege of encountering one another and coming together. Yet enclosure and imposed social isolation has been, for many, a part of everyday life long before the spread of the virus. For them, safe passage through the world was never a given, but always something to be navigated with meticulous labor, dedication, and skill. Expertise comes from the effort of social encounters, from the need to deinstitutionalize mutual care, from the effort to socialize dependency, and a struggle against the individualization of illness and its compartmentalization into the small hospital rooms of the healthcare complex and its pharma. Self-care and mutual support, in this context, are indeed warfare. But there is also love, poetry, and diverse acts of listening.