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29.4.2020 | 11th Berlin Biennale on Instagram

exp. 3: Jornadas de Sal entre Cucharas

Open files and shared experiences by Osías Yanov

[Days of Salt, Between Spoons]

Within the context of his contribution to exp. 3, Osías Yanov had planned a workshop of action and movement, created for those who want to explore individual awareness processes as part of a group. It was a proposal to investigate the forces and strategies that we use when pursuing something of an unknown character. Through group exercises, using salt as a substance and mapping element and spoons as tools for spreading and transferring heat, participants were to express themselves physically. The intimacy of a group exercise cannot be substituted. Nevertheless, Osías Yanov has created a contribution to the digital space (Berlin Biennale on Instagram) in images and texts to invite us to become immersed in his work and practice. Over the course of seven days, he will open his archives to share glimpses into essays, his research, and experiences.

“Reading this contribution in the current situation unveils a completely new meaning in Osías’s work. Now it seems to describe a utopic future scenario of bonding anew or reconnecting. How much we miss the human touch, the closeness to one another, the desire to go back to that state. How can we find ourselves after months of isolation? What will these actions described by Osías mean in our world next year? I also feel that human touch is a way of touching the earth, becoming grounded, connecting with oneself. The detachment of bodies and complete uncertainty provokes, at least for me, the feeling of being on a roller coaster where your heart beats faster and anxiety never stops. It is like this is the new way of being until we find a way to become grounded again.” (Renata Cervetto, curator)