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13.12.2019 | 11th Berlin Biennale c/o ExRotaprint

exp. 2: Artist talk by Virginia de Medeiros

With Lisette Lagnado

Virginia de Medeiros uses investigative processes to transgress hegemonic narratives by giving voice and visibility to neglected histories. In order to do so, Medeiros utilizes methodologies that are shared by art and documentary practices alike, such as displacement, participation, and fabulation. In her work, Medeiros does not seek to capture or represent the Other but rather depicts singular aspects of individuals or situations to become axiomatic. The artist has often employed photography and video as tools to represent identities and subjectivities that have been historically omitted, such as transgender people, transsexuals, women, or the homeless. Her artworks emerge from an intense immersive process, where she familiarizes herself and mingles with her research subject, trying to free herself from an ethnographic approach, annulling possible layers of prejudice, and allowing for intimacy and unforeseen narratives to emerge.