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7.12.2019 | 11th Berlin Biennale c/o ExRotaprint

exp. 2: Encountering Each Other in Crisis

Workshop by the Feminist Health Care Research Group (Inga Zimprich/Julia Bonn)

Our experience of crises is above all shaped by our efforts to hide them from others and to manage them alone. This suppression into the private sphere reinforces our feelings of being alone and unwelcome with our emotional crises, the desire for change, and the emotional labor required to deal with conflicts. In order to destigmatize emotional crises and to acknowledge their societal dimension, we would like to encourage our communities and social networks to attentively accommodate moments of crises.

In this workshop we make use of exercises and create space for exchange: What are concrete resources that we can fall back on in situations of crisis? What has proved to be helpful for us in previous crises? What did we learn from them for future experiences of destabilization and vulnerability? How do we ask for the support we need?