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8.6.2018 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Drone Poem #3: The Impossibility of Surprise...[a certain repudiation of that which one was never given or allowed to have]

A situation by Sinethemba Twalo and Ismaël Imansoeradi

An incoherent and sonorous tirade—one that bears witness to this looping schizophrenia, a madness punctuated by reverberation and delay. The moment—a paradoxical register, pliable and all consuming. Disruption—a choreutic borderline/(a sensibility)/an abrupt modulation, one sounding an escalating requiem nudged by melancholy, is woven together in this terrain by an assembly of references/footnotes/annotations (in conversation together, at times in disagreement). Notwithstanding, one learns to dance and shuffle within the enclosure and boundaries of the dissonance, thereby using your testimony of its violence as a __.