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14.6.2018 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Mastur Bar

Performative event by Fabiana Faleiros, in collaboration with Negroma

Mastur Bar

Fabiana Faleiros’ Mastur Bar (2015–18) is a traveling bar consisting of lecture-shows, performances, and a collection of objects related to the topic of masturbation. The name of the bar is taken from the Portuguese verb masturbar, “to masturbate” and is also inspired by the song I Feel Love by Donna Summer.

For the 10th Berlin Biennale, the Mastur Bar presents a sound installation that takes the form of a musical fiction set in the social network Open Mouth. Living beings communicate through vibrations and create organs by singing and masturbating. Spells are cast with hands and voices to escape Falacentrix, a fictional character that controls sexuality.

A schedule of concerts and performances is part of Mastur Bar. Faleiros’ musical fiction has been created in collaboration with musicians and invited artists, who also present their own performances in conjunction with the project.

Mastur Bar is realized in collaboration with Negroma.