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21.6.2018 | Akademie der Künste (Hanseatenweg), Berlin

I’m Not Who You Think I’m Not #9: radical admiration

Book launch by Lydia Hamann & Kaj Osteroth (for feminists, tricksters, and other human critters)

At the table with Carmen Mörsch, Nicole Alecu de Flers and Ruby Sircar.

Ruby: ...What is admiration for you? What appetite is associated with it?
Kaj: Good question — interesting too that you boil it down to the word “appetite.” It’s hard-earned in the first instance. Because it wasn’t just a case of open admiration but of getting past the envy.
Lydia: (Laughs) Wonderful, Kaj piling in again with the hardcore feelings...

(excerpt from the publication radical admiration by Lydia Hamann & Kaj Osteroth)

The book radical admiration presents 11 fabulous artists — in a way that art history has never seen before: subjective, gossipy, and radically enraptured.