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13.7.2018 | ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin

I'm Not Who You Think I'm Not meets Speisekino: ...and to think you had me believing that all this time...

Dinner and short films

I’m Not Who You Think I’m Not #14: I’m Not Who You Think I’m Not meets Speisekino
…and to think you had me believing that all this time…
Host: Christopher Cozier

"You like to tell stories" is a frequent accusation. Telling stories implies a distortion, or fabrication that drifts or shifts too far away from facts. Perhaps, always in danger of arriving at truths.

These videos narrate an ongoing journey⎯they speak to each other in as much as they speak with us. So, this is a collective performative assembly of works. Time based fragments, collected or seen over time, now placed together, within a moment, within a space, in Berlin, to create an experience or awareness. What they are saying, producing, or conjuring: Let’s see or feel.

With videos by

  • Adam Patterson
  • Alicia Milne
  • Andil Gosine
  • Blue Curry
  • Glenda León
  • Heino Schmid
  • Jeannette Ehlers
  • La Vaughn Belle
  • Marlon Griffith
  • Maya Cozier
  • Richard Fung
  • Rodell Warner
  • Sasha Huber
  • Sheena Rose
  • Sofía Gallisá Muriente

ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics’ regular Speisekino format combines films and food around a particular topic. Sometimes the relation is obvious, and food from the region where the film is set is served. Sometimes the link between the two is more subtle, when for example the film is accompanied by a dish that also appears in the plot. Throughout its running time, the 10th Berlin Biennale collaborates with ZK/U for I’m Not Who You Think I’m Not meets Speisekino and invites various hosts to select and present food and footage around aspects of the 10th Berlin Biennale.