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30.7.2018 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Fusion-Club/Für morgen

Workshop offerings and exhibition tours for children and teens

At Fusion-Club children and teens use artistic methods to develop and produce participatory and experimental artworks (objects, paintings, prints, textiles) in dialogue with the exhibition. They are assisted by artists who work with glass, paper, textiles, printing, and drawing.

Each week up to sixty children and teens eleven years old and up have the opportunity to develop and produce work in various workshops. Participation in the workshops also provides:

  • individual support in small groups
  • free access to all exhibition venues with moderated tours and discussions with the exhibition team, visitors, artists, and their works
  • the possibility of presenting and selling the works produced and donating proceeds to a freely chosen charitable organization
  • the possibility of an internship
  • a certificate

Free workshop offerings and exhibition tours for children and teens during the week of Monday, July 30 to Friday, August 3, 2018:

Monday, 30.7.2018

Paper Workshop with Marlon van Rooyen
As a group we let ourselves be inspired by the artworks in the exhibition and then make our own fanzine.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Studio, Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin

Textile Workshop with Rula Ali
Using colored fabrics, we cut, glue, and sew our own artistic objects. In the exhibition, we collect ideas that we can then implement together.

Weinmeisterhaus, Weinmeisterstraße 15, 10178 Berlin

Wednesday, 1.8.2018

Drawing Workshop with Julie Peter
After an exploratory group tour of the exhibition, we head into the studio and transform it into a drawing playground. After all, drawing can be done with a wide variety of things: e.g. with flowers, textile, our own hair, a fork ... created are one-of-a-kind items!

Kinderatelier Farbklang, Auguststraße 21, 10117 Berlin

Thursday, 2.8.2018

Printing workshop with Karoline Beeck
We will experiment with a variety of printing processes and get to know the exhibition from new angles.

Weinmeisterstraße 15, 10178 Berlin

Glass Workshop with the team from Berlin Glas e. V.
Fusing glass with heat is an age-old technique that can be used to create a plate of glass out of colorful glass slides. Each workshop centers on a specific theme and is inspired by works from the exhibition and experimenting with a particular technique. Produced is a colorful artwork that participants can pick up the next day.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, courtyard, Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin

Textile Workshop with Anna Lea Hebeisen
In the exhibition, we come up with ideas that we can then implement together. For example, we can cut, glue, and sew our own artistic objects from colored fabrics.

Weinmeisterhaus, Weinmeisterstraße 15, 10178 Berlin

Friday, 3.8.2018

Works created in July are sold here and proceeds are donated to a non-profit organization. Registration is not required.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, courtyard, Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin


Rula Ali
I came to Germany as a Syrian artist with a background in sculpture. When I arrived, I did not have a job or the right tools to create sculptures but was impressed by the different fabrics and the textile art scene in Germany. So I started exploring textile art. During my three years of living in Germany, I’ve used different textiles as material in order to express my ideas through installation, video, or painting, etc. I’ve taken part in various exhibitions and have conducted a number of textile workshops on various techniques including dyeing, stamping, patching, and art with textiles.

Berlin glass
Berlin Glas e. V. is a non-profit association that offers both German and international professional artists, students as well as children and teens the opportunity to work in Berlin with heated glass.
Provinzstraße 42a, 13409 Berlin, Germany

Anna-Lea Hebeisen
I’m Anna-Lea Hebeisen, a twenty-seven-year-old studying fashion design. I come from Switzerland, where I trained as a primary school teacher and worked for two years in classrooms and kindergarten.

Karoline Beeck
Karoline Beeck was born in Berlin in 1985. She lives and works in Weißensee with her three children. She studied at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, and the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin, where she received her diploma and was master student under Else Gabriel. As a conceptual artist, Karoline Beeck works in a variety of media.

Julie Peter
Julie Peter, born in 1985, is a Danish artist living in Berlin. Her work explores the absurd using ordinary objects, ambiences, and spaces, whose ironic distance serves as a dreamy commentary on the norms of daily life. The work focuses on the binaries we create between the self and the other, between our own “primitive” self and our “educated” self. She finds that the opposites of belief and behavior reveal an implicit weirdness, a humor that reflects our own vulnerabilities.

Marlon Denzel van Rooyen
Marlon Denzel van Rooyen was born in 1995 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He currently lives and pursues his art practice in Berlin, Germany. In his work, he explores the history and legacy of colonialism through educational and artistic formats. He is one of the project coordinators of the Colonial Neighbours Archive, which forms part of the permanent collection of SAVVY Contemporary Berlin.

Further dates: 6.8.–10.8.2018 and 13.8.–17.8.2018

The project Fusion-Club/Für Morgen is part of the Mediation program of the 10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art and is funded by the PwC Foundation.