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3.8.2018 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Laboratorio Inhotim

Public talk and presentation

Laboratório Inhotim
Public talk and presentation

Laboratório Inhotim is a long-term program at the contemporary art center and botanical garden of the Instituto Inhotim in Brumadinho, BR. Since 2006 it aims at assisting students from Brumadinho’s public schools in research, discussion, and practice of contemporary art processes.

Every year a group of 30 students who live in Brumadinho's central area and rural districts starts meeting twice a week for a one-year module encouraging the reflection about the relations between museum, city and environment, as well as the identification of the local cultural aspects. The activities include bibliographical research, visual and performing experimentations, investigations of Inhotim’s collections and participation in cultural events. Within the second year ten students who completed the first phase are deepening the research started in the previous year. The students have a research scholarship, granted by means of an agreement between Inhotim and the Minas Gerais' Research Support Foundation (Fapemig). As scholars, they become familiar with research methods, using theoretical references, doing fieldwork, participating in academic seminars and cultural events. The content of the research is in the field of contemporary issues, using Inhotim’s collections of art and botany as the starting point of their investigations.

This second phase is completed by a highlight activitiy exchange – this year with the 10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. In a public talk and a presentation, the participants will contribute to the ongoing discussion about contemporary approaches of educational programs in regards to contemporary fine art, diversity, access, and participation.

Team Laboratório Inhotim 2018

  • Yara Castanheira - Head of Education, Inhotim
  • Gabriela Gasparotto - Educator, Inhotim
  • Participants of the project Laboratório Inhotim: Carolina Mucelli Gonçalves, Gean Felipe Souza Pereira, Mariana Dias Bessa, Vanessa Cristina Brasil Pereira