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24.8.2018 | KW Institute for Contemorary Art, Berlin

I’m Not Who You Think I’m Not #28: Diet plan for the Western man

Performative lecture by Carlos Azeredo Mesquita with Andrés Sarabia, Luisa Saraiva and Vasco Coelho Santos

Diet plan for the Western man is a performative lecture where the symbolic is ingested while meanings are digested. You will be treated to something to eat, which will be used as a motto to analyze the role of food in emphasizing difference and otherness.

Can nationalism appropriate food? Is a food system a system of oppression? Do we choose what we eat or does our food choose us? These are some of the issues we will work through, with the help of pop culture, art, history, anthropology, ethical dilemmas, and intricate histories. Not recommended for strict vegans and vegetarians, food intolerant personalities, or allergy-prone metabolisms.

Diet plan for the Western man has been made possible through additional financial support from the Portuguese Embassy in Berlin, the Portuguese Arts Council and the City of Porto.