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7.6.2012 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Krytyka Polityczna in Berlin #4: Occupy Medien. Against the (fourth) Power

Discussion and music action by Krytyka Polityczna

A discussion about the unclear position of the mass media in the era of new democratic social struggles, the role of social medial in forming and informing society, and how new instruments might be used to increase the credibility of the media.

With: Hector Huerga Gonzales, Clara Ianni, Roman Kurkiewicz, Agata Szczęśniak among others.

A musicaction City by Sławomir Wojciechowski (installation, electronics) and Ray Dickaty (saxophones, sounds) will close the discussion evening. You can expect a concert and audio installation dealing with politics and social life of modern cities. Sounds, melodies, buskers... Scraps of the acoustic map of the city and its tensions. Urge of the excluded to being heard. MUSICACTION project is supported by the City of Warsaw.