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3.6.2012 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Virtual Agoras

Screening and talk with Charlotte Bank

Since the beginning of the uprising against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad in Syria, ordinary citizens have taken it upon themselves to inform, document, reflect and comment on the unfolding events in the country. Since the regime sealed off the country for foreign journalists, the citizen’s videos, uploaded on the internet, have developed into an informal news channel for people both inside and outside the country.

A large number of artists are among the internet activists, who regularly upload artistic reflections on the ongoing protests and the violent crackdown by the regime. Using only the most basic technical equipment, the videos show a mix of different techniques, found footage, image distortion, animation and performance, the necessity of fast reaction clearly marking the final works. This program shows a selection of these videos.


Ammar Al-Beik: The Sun’s Incubator (2011), 12′

Anonymous: Smuggling 23 Minutes of Revolution (2011), 23′

Mohamad Omran & Dani Abo Louh: Conte de printemps (2011), 4′55″

Khaled Abdulwahed: Bullet (2011), 2′03″

Philip Horani: LIBERTé (2011), 2′30″

Eyas Al-Mokdad: Bloodshed (2012), 8′36″

Salah Saouli: Amulet for Syria (2012), 2′