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3.6.2012 | St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Berlin

Forms for a Recorder – Musical Olympics

Workshop for kids by Michał Górczyński

Musician Michał Górczyński performs a concert during the 7th Berlin Biennale as part of the Forms for a Recorder cycle, an alternative manual for learning to play the recorder. An exchange of experiences, inspiring each other, and playing together—these are the basic ideas of Górczyński’s “composed education.” His methods of combining concert situations with an open educational process, actively including the audience into the framework of a sophisticated score, are presented in multiple chapters on the website During the Berlin performance, the artist presents a Musical Olympics, where playing the instrument is combined with a sound structure of sports rules, competition, and the immense effort of changing the tempo of one’s breathing. Pieces include football, chess, volleyball, weightlifting, and karate inspirations.

Michał Górczyński is an artist and musician. The project Forms for a Recorderis financed by an artistic scholarship granted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland.