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7.5.2012 | HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU3), Berlin


By Teatr.Doc und Joseph Beuys Theater

Moscow-based documentary theater groups Teatr.doc and Joseph Beuys Theater do what the Russian media fail to do—react to important incidents in the country, when democratic or human rights are violated, and organize responses to them (in the form of staged trials, for example). For the 7th Berlin Biennale they prepare a trilogy entitled Crisis, which can be seen in consecutive episodes, and is developed for the German and Berlin context. The method derives from several previous interactive projects such as Democracy.doc or A Society of Artists Anonymous. One month before the performances, the team rehearses with a large group of Germans living in Moscow in order to acquaint themselves with what can be expected from the German audience. The performances touch on issues such as the presence of German soldiers in Afghanistan, contemporary uprisings in Russia and abroad, or questions of money, debt, and financial ties.

by Joanna Warsza

Directed by: Georg Genoux, artistic director of Joseph Beuys Theater and Teatr.doc; Mikhail Kaluzhsky, playwright, journalist, and supervisor of documentary programs at Joseph Beuys Theatre; and Arman Bekenov, psychologist and moderator.

Teatr.doc is an independent theater company formed by several playwrights in 2002, which has greatly impacted the landscape of experimental theater in Russia.

Joseph Beuys Theater is engaged in bridging contemporary art and documentary theater. It produces interactive performances and documentary projects on the issues of history, individual memory, and politics, among others.