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13.3.2012 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Krytyka Polityczna in Berlin #4: Open Everything – Curated Content from Art to Internet

A discussion on internet and art–possibilities and risks

What opportunities does the “Wiki way“ provide for artists and the art market? Can the history of contemporary art be collectively rewritten in real-time? What risks are contained in the technology? Why do visual artists use social networks less than other cultural producers, for example the music scene?


  • Burak Arikan (artist of the Open Call, author of the artist-cloud-map)
  • Marek Claassen (director,
  • Thorsten Goldberg (
  • Dani Jakob (artist of the Open Call)
  • Pit Schultz (media activist)

Moderated by Ela Kagel (freelance curator and member of Public Art Lab)