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9.7.2016 | Blue-Star sightseeing boat

BOAT RAGE #5: The Pleasure Principle: Roelstraete Remix

Lecture and music by Dieter Roelstraete; music by mobilegirl and Mechatok

Revisiting his essay first published in 2010—which in turn became the basis for a gallery exhibition co-organized in Berlin in 2011, titled The Joy of Pleasure—curator and writer Dieter Roelstraete here returns to the persisting problem of pleasure and the critical disdain in which it continues to be held in progressive culture. Five years on, his argument has deepened in an unexpectedly musical fashion: The Pleasure Principlenow comes completed with a Detroit House and vintage 1970s New Age soundtrack.

For the second half of the evening the two members of the label Staycore, Bao-Tran Tran aka mobilegirl and Timur Tokdemir aka Mechatok, will join forces in blurring the musical lines between club-ready material and introspective melodic work.