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25.6.2016 | Blue-Star sightseeing boat, Berlin

BOAT RAGE #3: Deathbridge

Live Performance by Misanthrope CA and Christoph de Babalon

Misanthrope CA is the Black-Metal-influenced formation by artist and photographer Robert Kulisek and David Lieske. After their first limited tape edition Amerika (2015) recorded in Los Angeles, Deathbridge is a full-length album recorded in East Hampton, New York, and released this spring in collaboration with the Norwegian gallery VI, VII.
The duo’s focus on grim, improvisational orchestrations, gloomy drumming, and hints of ambient dungeon form the musical core of this debut. A true representation of their musical objectives: primitive and personal, mournful and dark. For this evening Misantrophe CA have invited Christoph de Babalon along as a special guest.