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11.6.2016 | Blue-Star sightseeing boat, Berlin

BOAT RAGE #1: Conjure Migration

Performance by Analisa Bienvenida Teachworth in collaboration with TELFAR; TUG KNOT: Live performance by SADAF; Music by DJ DJ DeSe

Conjure Migration

Drifting on a rippled plane into the imagined. The end of a dream with awful clarity, lights in windows driving us down the mirroring water. What lies between the pit of fears and the summit of survival, the middle ground between the forgotten and immortalized. Analisa Bienvenida Teachworth presents a portrait of the diaspora of migration.
Together we experience a point in time in which we have all become our own economic entities, achieving a singular genesis to bring a collective vision to fruition by being labeled with one another. By conjuring the fluids of awareness a transformation ensues, from being the tool that reinforces the existing power structures to one that disrupts them. As we confront the states of the slave, developer, no one, and freelancer, the performance poses the question: Has an economy built by labor now become an economy that laborers build?


TUG KNOT is a durational performance incorporating poetry, extended vocals, movement, and violin into a dense beating soundscape. Wavering between abstraction and lyricism, TUG KNOT echoes the disparate emotional affects inherent in noise, speech, and silence.