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26.7.2014 | Haus am Waldsee, Berlin

Crawling Doubles. Colonial Collecting and Affect: Not Only Matter: Human Remains in Unrest

Panel discussion with Sammy Baloji, Larissa Förster, and Ricardo Roque

Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc in collaboration with Lotte Arndt and Catalina Lozano

Thousands of human remains slumber in a large number of ethnological museums and natural history collections in Europe, as well as in private ownership. As recent research and restitution processes in Berlin show, these remains have often been appropriated in colonial contexts, and mobilized to foster racist theories and objectivist knowledge systems. The panel focuses on modes of artistic and theoretical contestation of the preservation of human remains in museum and research collections.

Crawling Doubles. Colonial Collecting and Affect is a series of four discursive events organized in the framework of Abonnenc’s project. The highly contested ground of colonial collections calls for a continued examination beyond disciplinary borders. The four sessions will address a series of questions in order to sharpen analytical tools by fostering critical conversations between artists, researchers, activists, and cultural theorists.