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24.7.2014 | Crash Pad c/o KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Catastrophe – Catharsis und Money and trade considered

Lecture and screening with Mary Ikoniadou/Cathleen Schuster and Marcel Dickhage

Talk and film screening followed by a discussion, in the frame of Justifiable Versions of Events/Catastrophe, organized by the Jan van Eyck Alumni Association, with an introduction by Catalina Lozano, in English

Catastrophe – Catharsis

Mary Ikoniadou’s talk will address Pyrsos (Torch), which was a bimonthly Greek language lifestyle magazine published in the German Democratic Republic by Greek political refugees who resided in the socialist states after the end of the Greek Civil War. The Greek Civil War was amongst the bloodiest in Greek history. Its catastrophic results transformed Greece beyond the battlefields in every aspect of the social life for decades and its resonance is still evident today. Ikoniadou’s visual presentation will explore the political role of the magazine’s design and image production and identify the ways in which different socio-political dynamics infiltrate and entangle forms of visualization with process of subjectification.

Money and trade considered (2013/14)

Money and trade considered is a film by Cathleen Schuster and Marcel Dickhage in the form of a loop that depicts a (re)enactment of a detail in the history of finance. It was made during their time at the Jan van Eyck Academy, 2013/14, with actors and self-built stage elements made of wood and printed-paper. Based on the person and writings by John Law and on historical representations of one of the earliest speculation bubbles, some sequences of the Mississippi Bubble were (re)enacted and filmed, while keeping them attached to current affairs.

Justifiable Versions of Events/Catastrophe is a one week event of exhibitions, symposia, interventions, actions, workshops, papers, and performances, initiated by the Jan van Eyck Alumni Association (JvE/AA). The program is set to test the limits, contradictions, and potentialities of the idea of catastrophe, conceived as a critical tool, a practical resource and a terrain of struggle.

Justifiable Versions of Events (JvE) is the second edition of the yearly gathering of the work platform JvE/AA, an institutional errance or error, periodically moving to different places (and acquiring different acronyms for the events), in the continually reshaped attempt to lend consistency to a heterogeneous and polemic set of practices.