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17.7.2014 | Crash Pad c/o KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Butoh Biking in Tempelhof

Sarnath Banerjee in conversation with Natasha Ginwala

Graphic novelist, artist and filmmaker Sarnath Banerjee will discuss his recent practice with 8th Berlin Biennale’s Artistic Team member Natasha Ginwala. Banerjee's work records uncanny details of urban life traversing from Berlin to New Delhi. Drawing upon cosmopolitan history, myth and popular culture, his characters, much like himself, perform as both detective and flâneur.

Now based in Berlin, Banerjee's image and text-based essays for the newspaper The Hindu deploy the protagonist Brighu to uncover manifold aspects of the city—from dark alleyways, possessed buildings and quixotic characters of the underground to GDR history and gentrification of the neighborhood.

Banerjee, born 1972 in Kolkata, has published the graphic novels The Corridor (Penguin Books, 2004), The Barn Owl's Wondrous Capers (Penguin Books India, 2007), Calcutta, (Éditions Denoël, Paris 2007) and The Harappa Files (Harper Collins India and Project 88, 2011). He was commissioned by Frieze Foundation to develop Gallery of Losers, a series of billboards distributed across the boroughs hosting the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Banerjee is co-founder of the publishing house, Phantomville.