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16.7.2014 | Crash Pad c/o KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

"The Choreography of Labour #5" in the Mobile Cinema

Lecture performance by Romana Schmalisch

In The Choreography of Labor, a project developed at the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Romana Schmalisch examined different historical and contemporary strategies of efficiency and education that are centered around the body: on the one hand, the project critically examined choreographer Rudolf Laban’s techniques to improve workers body efficiency for production and on the other, it investigated the different programs that job centers in Paris use in order to make unemployed young people, or those with limited working capability, fit for the demands of the labor market.

For this lecture performance at the Crash Pad, Schmalisch revisits Mobile Cinema, a project where the idea of a traveling popular cinema was explored and that serves as a mediating device to talk about the relationships between labor and art.