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12.7.2014 | Haus am Waldsee, Berlin

Crawling Doubles. Colonial Collecting and Affect: Dismember, dispossess. Objects and objectification

Panel discussion with Mariana Castillo Deball, Catalina Lozano and Pauline M'barek

Objects in ethnographic or archaeological collections have mutating statuses; they are witnesses of conflicting relations and therefore are made to appear as both spoils of a dubious victory as well as rebellious evidence of their agency to question dominant narratives. This panel deals with the ways in which objects are capable of activating debates on colonial history beyond the scientific value attributed to them, 
calling into question the objecthood of ethnographic artefacts, or striving to restitute their agency and the highly contextual significations that they bring about.

Crawling Doubles. Colonial Collecting and Affect is a series of discursive four events organized in the framework of Abonnenc’s project. The highly contested ground of colonial collections calls for a continued examination beyond disciplinary borders. The four sessions will address a series of questions in order to sharpen analytical tools by fostering critical conversations between artists, researchers, activists, and cultural theorists.