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29.5.2014 | Crash Pad c/o KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

theTomorrow / Domino Conversation

Presentation by Lorenza Baroncelli, Stefano Boeri, Maddalena Bregani, Marco Ferrari, Tommaso Sacchi, Pier Paolo Tamburelli

Daily web journal launch with Stefano Boeri, Juan A. Gaitán, Joseph Grima, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Emiliano Battista, Nicola Setari/New Narrative for Europe, Paolo Verri/Matera European Capital of Culture 2019

  • What will be the rhythm of a contemporary European public debate?
  • And its media?
  • And its language?
  • And its places?
  • And its subjects?
  • And its audience?
  • And its agenda?
  • And its memory?
  • And its enemies?

A group of European thinkers discusses the possibility of a contemporary European public debate by actually developing a conversation among itself.