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14.6.2012 | Friedrichstraße 226, Berlin

Bring peace to the wall

An action by Michaela Filla

The peace wall cannot be defended at any cost. But what price do we have to pay if art which points for social inequality is removed from public space? The peace wall wants people to reflect and to provide a space for open discourse. Many people are cross about this disruption of everyday life. The residents close ranks in anger against this piece of art.

Who is goint to support the art now? Who sticks to art that is not decorative but unsettling? We hope for a peacefull confrontation with the spirits that were cited by the peace wall. We want to face the boisterous yelling with silent mourning and take farewell from a symbol. This piece of art will vanish but the problems will remain. We want to make aware of that and light a candle.

Act for art: Come with candles and help to set a sign.