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23.6.2012 | Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Anatomy Lessons

Performance by Manfred Frey, Michael Häfner, Peter Moeschl and Ulrich Thomale

In a lecture hall of the Charité hospital, plastic surgeon Manfred Frey, internist Michael Häfner, abdominal surgeon Peter Moeschl, and children's neurosurgeon Ulrich Thomale provide insights into the inside of the human body and into their particular professional specialties. What makes a person a patient today? The doctors are occupied with this and other questions as they deliver their Anatomy Lessons to the audience within the framework of this unusual half-day experiment. In medical training, drawing is used both to transfer knowledge as well as to teach the craft. Here video material on operations, instructional films on surgical procedures, and images of the inside of the body are presented. The auditorium is transformed into a theater space in which the surgeons and an internist give lessons in the form of lecture-performances and painting actions. In medicine, common presentations about the human body are communicated in visual language, and here the participating doctors slip for a short time into the role of artists.

by Christina Lammer