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27.6.2012 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Politics of Memory. Re-Invention of the past

Discussion with Michael Dorrmann, Robert Traba, Jakob Majumerk and Igor Stokfiszewski

Several contributions oft he 7th Berlin Biennale deal with culture of commemoration amongst others Łukasz Surowiec's Berlin Birkenau, Artur Żmijewski's Berek, Civil Initiative for the Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Murdered Under the National Socialist Regime; Deutschlandhaus shows the exhibition Remembering Piece by Piece as well as the video documentation of the re-enactment of the battle of Berlin 1945 staged by polish amateur groups in the Spreepark Berlin. But instead of focusing single historical events the discussion aims to explore institutionalized politics of memory in relation to contemporary social antagonisms and the role of historians, artists, and museums within the process of commemoration.