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6.4.2008 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Another Perfect Day

Performance by Ahmet Öğüt

As Ahmet Öğüt describes it: "One fine day, I was walking on a narrow street in Istanbul. Then the electricity suddenly went off. While I was walking on this dark street, I saw a motorcycle with the engine on facing a small window. The motorcycle’s headlight was on and the light was shining through the small window of a basement. I came closer and looked inside through the window and—surprise!"

Öğüt recreates the incident in a basement room of KW Institute for Contemporary Art in a performance that brings one man’s practical inventivity from the streets of Istanbul to Berlin. A floor installation by Öğüt is also on view at KW Institute for Contemporary Art as part of the 5th Berlin Biennale. An artist book by Öğüt ist published as part of On Paper, a cooperation between the 5th Berlin Biennale and A Prior Magazine.