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23.4.2008 | Kaiserin Friedrich Lecture Hall, Berlin

What robots can tell us about humans

Lecture by Holk Cruse and Luc Steels

Robots are often designed and built to be useful. But some roboticists have no practical purpose in mind. They use robots like scientific instruments, to learn more about how animals move and behave or how humans are able to think, learn language, or make sense of reality. This talk illustrates some of the amazing discoveries that have been made recently in experiments carried out with artificial animal-like robots and humanoids. Robots revolutionize the way we think about how our brains work, how we build and use body image, and how language and meaning originates and evolves through language games. Two renowned specialists meet to speak on robots and all the secret things they reveal about the living.

Holk Cruse is professor at the Department of Biological Cybernetics, University of Bielefeld, Germany. Luc Steels is professor of computer science at the Free University, Brussels.