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2.5.2008 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

X-Event 1

Dance performance by Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet

The choreographers Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet will present the matrix X-Event 1, which premiered at the Faits d’Hiver festival 2005 in Paris. For seventy minutes, five performers will carry out seven protocols on an X-shaped stage, testing trajectories, linkages, and hiatuses, as well as the isolation and coming-together dictated by this elemental form. Pushed to their limits, their bodies give rise to involuntary and residual shapes and to respiration, sweating, and the physical marks that are laid bare to the public along with the enacted movements.

Since 2005 Vigier and Apertet of Les Gens d‘Uterpan dance company have been creating and performing a series of protocols—X-Events, as they call them—exploring sensuality and the border between dance and visual art. Vigier, born in 1965, and Apertet, born in 1966, work and live in Paris.

Conception: Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet, choreographers
Interprets: Magali Albespy, Sophie Demeyer, Déborah Lary, Guillaume Milhac, Stève Paulet
Clothing creation: Marco Fiedler and Achim Reichert (Vier5)
Sound: Nicolas Martz from the Baryton’s voice of Victor Torres

X-Event 1 has been created in the Théâtre l’Echangeur of Bagnolet, co-produced with the Festival Faits d’Hiver 2005 and the Brétigny Contemporay Art Centre, in collaboration with the Nancy Ballet (Accueil Studio), with the support of ADAMI, and the participation of the National Centre of Dance, and the Conservatoire of Bagnolet.
 A 5th Berlin Biennale and CAC Brétigny collaboration, the X-Event 1 is organized by Pierre Bal-Blanc, director of the CAC Brétigny, France.