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13.5.2008 | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement

Discussion with Maria Eichhorn and Seth Siegelaub

The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement was a contract drafted in 1971 by Seth Siegelaub (known as the organizer of the earliest conceptual art exhibitions in the late 1960s), together with attorney Robert Projansky, and then circulated in the art world. The contract addresses display rights, reproduction rights, and so-called resale rights. It inspired, more than two decades later, a project by Maria Eichhorn that began with her 1998 exhibition in the Kunstverein Salzburg and includes a recent collection of interviews conducted by Eichhorn between 1996 and 2005 with artists and gallerists as well as with the contract’s authors. These interviews raise questions not only about the contract and its historical context but about the experiences of those interviewed with the sale and resale of artworks, the role of collections and museums, artists’ rights, and much more.

Maria Eichhorn is a visual artist living. Seth Siegelaub has been a curator, author, and contract maker. Moderated by Daniel McClean. He is a practicing lawyer and occasional curator.