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3.6.2008 | Schwerbelastungskörper, Berlin

General-Pape-Strasse 100

Performative event with Susanne Kniemann, Urs Stäheli, Philipp Gutbrod, Alexander Tull

General-Pape-Strasse 100 is an attempt to represent the development over time of the "Schwerbelastungskörper" —a heavy-load-testing structure located near Tempelhof at General-Pape-Strasse 100 and the subject of artist Susanne Kriemann’s fascination and research for years. What could the reasoning be behind the official state renovation of this ambivalent monument to failure and National Socialist construction engineering? Can it become a piece of real estate in the current urban development of Tempelhof? Or will it be put on pedestal as an object of speculation under the gaze of the art world?

Urs Stäheli is a professor of sociology at Basle University. Philipp Gutbrod is the New York representative of Villa Grisebach. Alexander Tull works as a freelance director for theater in Berlin. Susanne Kriemann's new photographic installation is on view at Neue Nationalgalerie as part of the 5th Berlin Biennale.
Singing: Micaela Leon