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8.6.2008 | Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum

Noize Machine tour truckers roadshow

Installation by Vinyl-Terror & -Horror and Dr. Nexus

Noize Machine tour truckers roadshow is a mobile exhibition/concert space built up around a tent, two trucks, and loads of sound equipment, sculptures, and machines. In the surroundings of the inner city, the contrast of function and aesthetics benefits the idea of a mechanism hosting messy ambitions transferred into sound. Rotating speakers, modulated turntables, solar sound modules, and many other things are directed into a composition based on random yet strict principles. The sound installation will run throughout the day; in the evening hours, it will turn into a live performance.

The installation is by Vinyl-Terror & -horror, founded in 2003, and Dr. Nexus. Since 2007 they work together on several projects.