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11.6.2008 | Präsentiert von Kunstrepublik e.V.

Theater and sensitive thinking

Workshop conclusions presented by Augusto Boal

A theater director, writer, and politician, Augusto Boal was recently nominated to be a candidate for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize. He is the most prominent theater pedagogue of our time, attributed with revolutionizing the methods of working with actors and introducing ways of incorporating the audience into the play’s production in order to restore a sense of community. Boal’s teaching and practice influenced theater and pedagogic work worldwide. His Theatre of the Oppressed was created in 1971 in Brazil with the specific goal of dealing with social exclusion, political repression, and other urgent local issues. The Forum Theatre in Peru (1973), the Invisible Theatre in Argentina, and the Rainbow of Desire in Europe were each offshoots of the Theatre of the Oppressed. This workshop and event are organized in collaboration with Off-Theater nrw – Akademie für Theater, Tanz und Kultur Neuss.