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Lidia Rossner


Project with students

Dialogues was a workshop, conceived by Lidia Rossner, with students from the M.A. Program in Visual and Media Anthropology at Free University Berlin. Tracing correspondences between art and anthropology, while exploring interviewing methods, visual representation strategies, and story telling, the students created videos portraying artists and their projects at the 8th Berlin Biennale.

The project addresses issues of art mediation, autonomy of the artworks, and contextualization provided for the audience to clarify and expand the meaning of the works. What happens when the artists are given a platform to articulate their ideas and their work, does it add or take away from experiencing the art? These dialogues, which through the editing process are mainly presented as monologues, contribute a personal perspective that adds a layer in constructing meaning.

For the visual anthropology students, the appearance of contemporary art in an ethnological museum instigated discussions on the function of objects and images as representatives of cultures and ideas. The scope of inquiry extended to examining relationships such as observer-observed, subject-object and image literacy in a trans-cultural setting.

Carlos Amorales

Director: Pia Ilonka
Photography: Gallo A.M.C.
Music: Pablo Mondragon
Supervision: Lidia Rossner

Julieta Aranda

Directed by: Sebastian Osorno (interview, camera, translation from Spanish, subtitles, editing)
Supervision and additional camera: Lidia Rossner

Tarek Atoui

Director, interview, camera, editing: Leyla Hoppe
Additional camera: Mathilda Rosengren
Supervision: Lidia Rossner

Alberto Baraya

Video: Laura Jordan (Interview, Kamera, Bearbeitung)
Additional camera: Marcela Vanegas and Lidia Rossner

Rosa Barba

Director, interview, camera and editing: Mathilda Rosengren
Additional camera: Leyla Hoppe
Supervision: Lidia Rossner

Olaf Nicolai

Director, camera, editing: Mary Zweifel
Additional camera, support: Lidia Rossner

Jimmy Robert

Director: Marcela Vanegas (interview, camera, sound, editing)

Michael Stevenson

Video: Elliot Hughes

Danh Vo

Director: Eugenia Seriakov
Additional camera: Marcela Vanegas and Lidia Rossner

Carla Zaccagnini

Director: Ruth Olga Shermann

Monika Zessnik

Director: Jóhanna Björk Sveinbjörnsdóttir
Additional camera: Marcela Vanegas and Lidia Rossner
Supervision: Lidia Rossner