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Gagosian Gallery


Curated by Olaf Metzel


With: Benjamin Bergmann, Nick Bötticher, Christian Engelmann, Beate Engl, Andrea Faciu, Alexander Laner, Florian Morlat, Stephanie Pelz, Michael Sailstorfer, Michael Schrattenthaler, Marco Schuler, Stefan Wischnewski, Martin Wöhrl

Curated by Olaf Metzel, the exhibition brought together thirteen primarily Munich-based artists, most of them born in the 1970s. This generation of artists, also known as Scuola Bavarese, was remarkably focused on sculpture and broadening the genre’s boundaries and definitions. For that reason no video, photography, drawing or painting was on view. The exhibited objects and sculptures refered to the local situation of the Gagosian Gallery and reflected the ambience of the domestic-cum-business space.

The title of the exhibition, YBA, ironically referred to the Young British Artists—an originally random group of art students from Great Britain–who between 1988 and the end of the 1990s turned into one of the art scene’s most hyped brands.