English / Deutsch

Gagosian Gallery

The Gone Wait

Curated by Tobias Buche


With: J. Depp/Gibson Haynes/John Frusciante, Rainald Goetz, Jacob Holdt, Jandek, Josef Kramhöller, Kitty Kraus, Jonas Lipps, Josef Strau, Herbert Volkmann, Maximilian Zentz Zlomovitz

The exhibition The Gone Wait presented artworks and documents by writers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists who, consciously or unconsciously, address both literal and metaphorical acts of vanishing and escaping reality or the socialized world.

The show included various representations of isolation or extrication with a hallucinatory exploration of impenetrable locations both physical and psychological. Author or subject, academic or visionary, documentary or fictional—these dichotomies become obscured or insignificant in the works presented in the exhibition.

The title, The Gone Wait, borrowed from Jandek’s 2003 album of the same name, makes no immediate sense, but implies a feeling much like that of being alone or removed from civilization. Jandek represented the simultaneous production of absence and presence.