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Performance Jam

Closing program of the 3rd Berlin Biennale

The 3rd Berlin Biennale concluded with a three-day Performance Jam from 16 to 18 April 2004 in the hall of the KW Institute for Contemporary Art. This three-day series of events represented part two of the HUB Sonic Scapes, and it took the fields explored there – women in the electronic music scene, noise, and urban sounds – and put them on stage in the form of live performances. Performance Jam crossed sonic and performative formats from concert, performance and fashion show in the form of a jam session. The "Jam" has an open format that evolves in the moment and uses the method copy and paste, based on the interaction of its elements.

"Jam" was a montage, as was its stage: the hall of the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, designed by Bert Neumann. In this hall, Neumann, the head set designer of the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, has reused set designs like the Western house from Frau unter Einfluss (Woman under the influence) and the dating agency and the kiosk from Neustadt (New city) to create a collage '(new-)city.' The container stages of the Rollende Road Schau in Berlin Neukölln became mobile stage elements for Performance Jam.

In this recycled '(new-)city' there was, among other things, performances by the women musicians who were presented in Re-Punk Electronic Music! by Christiane Erharter and Sonja Eismann, part one of the HUB Sonic Scapes. MERZBOW / Masami Akita, Florian Hecker and Mika Vainio explored marginal areas of the sonic. Performance Jam combined these different artistic positions of the 3rd Berlin Biennale with a fashion show by Regina Möller’s label embodiment and the sound / fashion performance adhocrazy by ___fabrics interseason.

Performance Jam was arranged by The Sonic Team / Ute Meta Bauer, Sonja Eismann, Christiane Erharter, Max Freudenschuß and Renate Wagner, with thanks to Christoph Gurk.