Janette Laverrière

* 1909 in Lausanne, CH, † 2011 in Paris

5. Berlin Biennale

5. Berlin Biennale – Tag

Exhibition at Schinkel Pavillon: La lampe dans l'horloge

Mirrors and bookshelves by Janette Laverrière
Concept and cooperation: Nairy Baghramian and Janette Laverrière

À Gustave Courbet, 2001
Blue glass, black enamelled metal, varnished pear tree, gold leaf frame

Bibliothèque verticale, 2008
Metal structure, painted wooden bookshelves, books

Chacun sa vérité, homage to Pirandello, 2001
Varnished mahogany, outer wings with red lacquer inside, sanded oak veneer face

Cocteau, 1989
Speckled maple, sycamore and multipli

Demain, 2001
Varnished pear wood, painted wood and multipli

Jungle, 2003
Mirror, tinted oak and coloured glass

La Commune, homage to Louise Michel, 2001
Box in varnished rosewood with red, mauve and black lacquer, metal lid

Le Carré, 2001
Lacquered wood

Sourire, reference to Alice in Wonderland, 2001
Wrought iron, multipli and frosted mirror

Sourire 2, 2001
Wrought iron, multipli and frosted mirror

Vanité, 2001
Multipli with rosewood veneer

Victor Hugo, 2004
Wood, mirror

Nairy Baghramian/Janette Laverrière:
La deuxième lampe dans l’horloge
Aluminium floor, free-standing walls, stairs